Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cool Domain Names

On the radio the other day, I heard a reference to the Web site for the Utah Department of Transportation: udot.utah.gov (pronounced UDOT-DOT-UTAH-DOT-GOV).

Got me thinking.... (and that can be very dangerous). So I started looking up other cool domain names.

dot.com (pronounced DOT-DOT-COM) is registered, but just parked -- Why isn't someone using this domain name for something cool?

dotdot.com (pronounced DOT-DOT-DOT-COM) is also just parked.

dotdotdot.com (pronounced DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-COM) is a site for a company called Ellipsis, Inc.

dotdotdotdot.com (pronounced DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-COM) is also parked, as is

dotdotdotdotdot.com (pronounced DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-COM) and

dotdotdotdotdotdot.com (pronounced DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-COM) and

dotdotdotdotdotdotdot.com (pronounced DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-COM).

dotdotdotdotdotdotdotdot.com (pronounced DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-COM) is Tzu-Tan Huang's personal Website.

dotdotdotdotdotdotdotdotdot.com (pronounced DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT-COM) IS AVAILABLE! Anyone want to suggest a good business plan and we'll register it together?

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Ray said...


I own dot.dotdotdotdotdotdot.com/dot.dot just because I wanted it to exist -- If you want it, it expires soon. If you don't want it, I'll renew it. Let me know,