Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Anti-Bullying Initiatives

Be cautious about anti-bullying initiatives in schools. While the concept of decreasing bullying in schools is a noble and positive cause, many of the initiatives are cloaked attempts by gay and lesbian task forces to create forums to indoctrinate our children about pro-gay causes.

I just read one that contained stories of 10- and 11-year-old boys and girls who are supposedly gay and reportedly have attempted suicide because they were teased and harrassed at school.

Parents and school officials should carefully read all literature in "anti-bullying" campaigns to be sure they are really about bullying and teach correct principles.

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FelixAndAva said...

How in the world do kids decide on "sexual orientation" when they haven't even hit puberty yet? I can assure you that what little I knew or cared about on that topic at that age had been pushed on me against my wishes.

Amazing how kids are being taught before they're old enough to be thinking about sexuality in the first place that they're supposedly "born gay" and get indoctrinated early into that life.