Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Relief Society - Live Like You Believe

Kerrianne made this for an Enrichment Night and shares it with us. Live like you believe! If you do, your faith will grow and you will be blessed.


Karilyn said...

Sometimes there are no words.... This was wonderful, thank you for sharing the gem you found on YouTube - I'm going to borrow it too~

Karilyn said...

Brother Richman,

I just reposted this on my Facebook page about five minutes ago, and already, a granddaughter of a very dear uncle has reposted it on her page there as well.

Thank you for spreading much-needed sunshine today~

Jim @ Jennifer said...

I am desperatley trying to download your video that you created with the audio. I listened to it a while back and now need it for a RS lesson. PLEASE please can you help me.