Friday, October 30, 2009

Conference on the Affects of Pornography on the Brain

Last year, we told you about an anti-pornography conference in Idaho. The promotional video about that conference was viewed nearly 53,000 times!

This year's conference will be on Saturday, November 14, 2009, in Pocatello, Idaho Falls, and Rexburg, Idaho. Dr. Donald Hilton, noted neurosurgeon from San Antonio, Texas, will be the keynote who will speak on Visual Addiction: The Affects of Pornography on the Brain.

To see the conference schedules in these three cities, and to get free tickets, go to or View/Print a flyer about the conference. See the TV commercial below.

At the conference, Dr. Hilton will share his recovery recommendations, as well as recent scientific findings which compares a brain that is on cocaine with one that is affected by natural addictions such as pornography. He says the similarity is remarkable and physical brain cell shrinkage occurs with all of these addictions. This shrinkage in the frontal lobe of the brain, according to Dr. Hilton, may cause impaired judgment, in a similar way to a head trauma patient. He then bridges the gap to help leaders and parents know what recovery methods have the greatest chance of success. To learn more about Dr. Hilton, see

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Jason said...

We have just completed creating a foundation that focuses on finding help for those that suffer from Pornography / Sexual Addiction. We have teamed up with a leading Neurologist who has written on wonderful book that presents the case on why Pornography is so addicting. Even more addicting then Alcohol or Drugs. You can learn more by going to You can also purchase Don Hilton's book at this site.