Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What do we Expect?

"We can't not expect the unexpected."

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Karilyn said...

I understand your meaning, but it's easier when stated as: "When you expect it, expect it".

Don't be surprised, in other words.

We have been warned, the Prophet told us on Sunday.

Last year in a Fast and Testimony Meeting I attended with a friend (in his Ward, not mine), his Stake Patriarch who happens to be in the same ward stood to bear his testimony. Among the words he spoke were these: "The time for preparation is over."

We don't want to put our young people into a turmoil by such words, as the Brethren have also said (in their own words); yet it is vital we do encourage them to prepare their young families as well. The problem being: they are so financially tied to sustaining their young families, etc., the resources cannot go into so much emergency preparation supplies as the older couples are able to. I know when my triplets were in diapers and formula (I couldn't nurse them all), that took a large chunk of the husband's (at that time) paycheck!