Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What a Store

Sign outside a store in Windsor, Maine:


Maine's Largest General Store

Guns, Bibles

Wedding Gowns

Cold Beer

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kfogle said...

My husband and I moved to Maine from Kentucky about 3 years ago and I thought we had seen all there was to "Redneck Creativity". Yet the first time I saw the commercial and heard the catchy tune ("We got Beer, Guns and Wedding Gowns. Everything you need under one roof at Hussey's" sung in the back ground as a mannequin in a wedding gown poured over cuts of moose, deer, and elk for dinner) I felt right at home as a lone tear rolled down my cheek and then I couldn't stop crying as we laughed riotuosly. I must ask though how to get there. Is it on hwy 32? We live in Waterville and I have been unable to find anyone who has actually been to this Maine icon which led me to believe it an urban legend till I ran across your story. Could you confirm it is not a Yeti and does have an address? Thanks so much!! Great Story,
Kara Carneal Fogle