Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lord Prepares the Way

“When the servants of the Lord determine to do as He commands, we move ahead. As we proceed, we are joined at the crossroads by those who have been prepared to help us. They come with skills and abilities precisely suited to our needs. And, we find provisions; information, inventions, help of various kinds, set along the way waiting for us to take them up. It is though someone knew we would be traveling that way. We see the invisible hand of the Almighty providing for us. For instance, inventions in the fields of travel and communication have come along just as we were ready for them... The airplane did not come as an accidental discovery... Revelation was involved. It came precisely when we could use it to move across the world to restore the Gospel... When we are ready, there will be revealed whatever we need—we will find it waiting at the crossroads.”

--Elder Boyd K. Packer, April 1, 1977, Regional Representatives Seminar

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