Thursday, December 2, 2010

This Christmas: Give the Gift of You

Don’t forget to add these emotional gifts to your list for giving this Christmas. They cost nothing but are the most precious presents you can give to your friends and family. These twelve gifts are "gifts of you." They cost nothing but their effects can last a lifetime.

1. The Gift of Time. In our busy lives, the phrase, I don’t have time, has become a universal complaint. Most human relationships profit from a simple tonic that is called Tincture of Time. A chatty phone call to an unhappy friend or a half-hour visit to an aunt who lives alone can mean a lot, but costs very little.

2. The gift of good example. Most people learn fundamental attitudes and behavior by observing others. Be a good example by handling difficult situations in a mature manner.

3. The gift of acceptance. Many problems between husband and wife or between friends begin when one person tries to change the other to fit preconceived notions. Did you know that people begin to shed bad habits once they are accepted the way they are?

4. The gift of seeing the best in people. When we expect people to respond in a positive way, they usually do. But you must let those you love know that you expect the positive.

5. The gift of giving up a bad habit. All of us have habits that annoy those we love. What a great gift it would be if you could give up an unhappy or unhealthy habit.

6. The gift of Teaching. Helping someone you love learn something new is an important investment in their future happiness. Only by learning new skills can we become fully alive.

7. The Gift of Listening. Few of us know how to listen effectively. Learn to listen without passing judgement.

8. The gift of fun. There are people who "wet blanket" the happiness of those around them while others lead people into finding fun in ordinary events.

9. The gift of letting others give. When we accept others gifts in a gracious manner, we may be giving them one of the most important gifts of all. Remember the joy you feel in giving is felt by others as well.

10. The gift of privacy. Each of us has a need for companionship and also privacy. Relinquish some of your natural curiosity occasionally and give those you love the right to private thoughts and unshared feelings.

11. The gift of self-esteem. Do not fail to recognize the praiseworthy qualities and actions of those you love and sincerely tell them.

12. The gift of Self-Disclosure. Letting someone else discover more about you can turn a relationship into a flourishing one or sustain a healthy friendship or marriage.

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