Monday, August 15, 2011

Who Helps Best?

This post has been updated with verified information. Please see Charities Who Help Best.


Austin said...

I agree the Church is the best place to give money, but would you mind sourcing your stats on this? Links would be very helpful, because this seems highly suspect. For example, you name Marsha Evans as CEO of Red Cross and cite what she received in 2010, but she resigned in 2005.

I also found a page from the Better Business Bureau that said 90% of the Red Cross's donations go to programs, with 4% going to fund raising and only 6% going to administrative.

Again, I agree the Church is the best and most efficient place to give, but these stats are very questionable. Do you have sources on this?

Jeff VanDrimmelen said...

Hey Larry, can you post some sources for this? This is really good info. Just want some sources to go along with it when sharing with others. Thanks!

Tevya said...

Great info! Thanks for sharing. I hadn't seen the percent of each dollar that actually went to the cause, in spite of the fact I'd written on a similar note:

The piece of each dollar really brings it into perspective.

Bryce Bartel said...

I find this to be interesting. I would love to learn the sources you are getting this information from.