Friday, December 21, 2012

Things To Do If the World Ends Today

Things to do if the world, as predicted, ends today – December 21, 2012:
1.    Hug and kiss your family, whether they want you to or not.
2.    Forgive all those offenses you are still hanging on to.
3.    Hang out at the temple.  Location, location, location.
4.    Don’t worry about cleaning your house, making your bed, or picking up your socks.
5.    Spend the day on your knees.  You are going to end up there anyway, might as well beat everyone to the punch.
6.    See how many calories you can consume in one day…pass the chocolate.
7.   Turn on your favorite tunes….and dance like no one is watching.
8.   Don't go to work.
9.   If there are any gifts under the tree... open them now, no really, go now!
10.   Look forward to finally getting some rest.
11.   Don't worry about it. Life is eternal.

Oh and just in case… have a nice weekend.

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