Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Healthcare

I’m one of the lucky Americans who currently has great insurance through my employer. My insurance plan hasn’t been cancelled—yet. People like me will begin to feel the pain of Obamacare in the second wave, when the employer mandate kicks in and regulations are adjusted to compensate for the first part of the trainwreck we experienced with the individual mandate.

I went to to price a comparable plan. The closest plan I could find had approximately the same monthly premium, but it also had a $2,500 annual deductible. My current plan has no annual deductible. So, my annual insurance costs on the new plan would be $2,500 more than I pay now. But Obama promised us that our insurance costs would decrease $2,500 a year. That’s a $5,000 annual discrepancy from what we were promised by the President in no fewer than 37 very specific public statements.

Even though my doctor wasn’t kicked off my insurance, he decided to retire early rather than deal with the new regulations of Obamacare. I liked my doctor, but I can’t keep my doctor.

What I’m expecting in the future:
  • That the government will assess me penalties and additional taxes for having a “Cadillac insurance plan.”
  • Because of increased regulations and costs because of the overhead of Obamacare, over time my insurance company will begin a combination of increasing premiums and cutting back on coverage and services.
  • Fewer doctors and specialists will be available to provide care and wait times will increase.
  • The government will increasingly assess fees to pay for the overhead, including fees I pay directly, and others paid by doctors, hospitals, providers, and manufacturers.

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