Wednesday, May 21, 2014

LDS Media Talk

If you want to follow LDS Media Talk via Facebook, here are the steps to be sure you get notifications of new posts:

1. Go to Click to Like the page.

2. On the pull-down menu under Liked, click Get Notifications.

3. Click Follow.

4. Keep interacting with LDSMediaTalk posts you see.

If you don’t Like, Share, or comment on posts, over time you’ll see fewer and fewer of them. Here’s why:

Because there is so much content on Facebook, they can’t show you every post from every page you’ve liked. Therefore, they filter the posts and only show you what you interact with the most. So, if you like, comment, or share the posts you enjoy, you’ll see more of that kind of content. If you don’t, you’ll see less and less of it.

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